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Acid/Alkaline Balance : Balancing the Body downloa

Joanne Stepaniak,: Acid/Alkaline Balance : Balancing the Body

Acid/Alkaline Balance : Balancing the Body


A healthy body regulates the pH of its various systems naturally. But when illness or disease intervenes, lessening the acid load in our body can assist with restoring health. In addition, the acid load in modern diets can disrupt the body's acid-alkaline homeostasis, eventually leading to chronic disease through repeatedly drawing on the body's alkaline reserves. A natural approach to maintaining health and thwarting disease is through a wholesome, pH-balanced diet. This booklet covers the theory and fundamentals of the acid-alkaline diet, along with 17 delicious, alkalizing recipes.

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Author: Joanne Stepaniak,
Number of Pages: 48 pages
Published Date: 13 Nov 2015
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Publication Country: Summertown, TN, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781570673320
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