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Chris Young,: Becoming Mighty

Becoming Mighty


Forget the saying "Work Smarter, Not Harder" because when it comes to changing your body, you need to: Work Smarter AND Harder! This is something that the author, Chris Young of, knows all too well. With more than 26 years of training thousands of clients, from people coping with multiple sclerosis to elite athletes, Chris knows how to help you achieve the results you desire. Becoming Mighty boils weight loss, strength training, logistics and psychology down to the fundamentals. What you get are systems that will bring you from where you are to where you want to be. While individualization is discussed for special populations, most training principles are just those - principles. They apply to everyone because whether man or woman, tall or short, skinny or fat, we are all human. We all have much more in common than we usually bother to ponder or remember - excuses for failure included. That being said, Chapter 10, "The Psychology of Program Selection," brings a new twist on how to best train depending on your psychological type. If you are familiar with the work of Carl Jung in the early 1900s, one of the colors: blue, green, yellow or red may have a special meaning to you. If not, it is a model worth considering. Once you understand your personality type and how it influences your decisions, Chris gives you practical advice and strategies for success. Chris has helped thousands achieve the same goals you are reaching for, and has made this book to outline the process that will get you there. Sometimes, paying for the information that will get you from point A to point B is worth the price. This is one of those times. Whether you are suffering from information overload, stuck on a plateau, or just having a hard time keeping the weight off, this book is for you. Don't wait for success to come to you; it doesn't work that way. The top of the mountain doesn't come down to you - you must climb to the top of the mountain. Goals are reached one step at a time, and it is time for you to take the next step. Someday means never, so don't delay. Buy your copy of Becoming Mighty today!

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Author: Chris Young,
Number of Pages: 112 pages
Published Date: 25 Jul 2011
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781463525712
Download Link: Click Here

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