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Dr Bill Dean,: Foods Heal : Why Certain Foods Help You Feel Your Best

Foods Heal : Why Certain Foods Help You Feel Your Best


NUTRITION FROM THE YOGA TRADITION PERSONALIZED NUTRITION Are you frustrated with diets that don't live up to their promises? This life changing book on nutrition unlocks the mysteries of the ancient medical system of Ayurveda and reveals the secrets of this tradition's nutrition. This is the solution for understanding why our current system of nutrition is insufficient for our needs. Not wrong, just incomplete. WHAT YOU'LL FIND INSIDE Determine your unique energy makeup Find out which foods maximize your health See which foods can make you sick(you may be surprised!) Understand prevention of disease through the lens of this science Find out how disease occurs in your body SEEING THE BODY IN A NEW WAY Like the discipline that gives us acupuncture the yoga tradition sees the body not only a groups of molecules forming organs but as an energy field. And like all the ancient great biological energy disciplines of the past, the body was seen as an energy flow that when unblalanced created illness. So the body is both an energy and a molecular field simultaneously and you can use this information to help guide you in your intention to be healthy. You will make better food choices by knowing what your energy pattern is which will improve your health. DISEASE PREVENTION When you know how disease occurs in the body, then you know how to prevent it. Currently our system of healing says that molecule causes disease but the energy science of Ayurveda stated 1000's of years ago that all disease begins by our unconscious food choices that produce energetic imbalances in the GI tract. So disease prevention begins by knowing which foods produce balance and which produce imbalance. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: Food intake really counts a lot, and Ayurveda just can't be ignored. After reading Foods Heal, I could understand why certain foods aren't good for MY BODY TYPE. I was able to change the kinds of foods I eat. Now, I feel good and I feel strong. You can feel good, too. Visit and find out for yourself! The Foods Heal Community are foremost blessings for which I can never express often enough or enthusiastically enough-my gratefulness! I am symptom-free 24/7, 50 lbs. lighter, and truly felt light-as-a-feather as I went about serving dinner for 13-after I ate. Never happened before and I wish the same experience for every person. The only person who has even ever mentioned this to me is Dr. Bill. I thought this was an impossibility. Now I know I desire to follow his example. And that example has given me health beyond any dream I ever had. Thank you, Dr. Bill. And safe journeys!

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Author: Dr Bill Dean,
Number of Pages: 190 pages
Published Date: 16 Jun 2010
Publisher: Booksurge Publishing
Publication Country: [S.l, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781439261989
Download Link: Click Here

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