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Would a proven way of eating (one that has already helped tens of thousands reverse disease and stay healthy) be worth some consideration? These folks would say, "YES!" Larry, a retired college teacher, was diagnosed with prostrate cancer Years later, he is still going strong after refusing to go the conventional medial route at all. Justin is a singer who was diagnosed with (of all things) cancer in the throat. Yet, just a year later, he witnessed doctors call in technicians to see if the x-ray machine was broken because the cancer wasn t appearing on the screen anymore. Judy was diagnosed with "incurable" Multiple Sclerosis 20 years ago. Her most recent brain scan showed that all of the lesions she once had on her brain are now gone. Karen is a legal professional. She suffered a sudden case of paralysis while still a young woman who was about to begin pursuing her career. After finally being diagnosed with Lupus years later, she turned to nutrition, and is now 95% free of all its symptoms. Suzy suffered from bi-polar disorder for decades. Then one day, she heard a man speak who opened a door of knowledge and showed her how living foods could bring incredible healing. After doctors told her she d never be able to get off powerful psychotropic medicines, she hasn't even taken an aspirin in years. Lee is a successful business owner whose life became overwhelmed by a strange "mental fog." But a friend however, shared with him exactly what to do after doctors informed Lee that he had brain cancer. Faye suffered with severe digestive problems and pain throughout her body for years. After many desperate attempts to find a solution, a visit to a living foods retreat center brought about a stunning reversal to her condition ... in just 4 days. Mariana had been overweight and sickly for years (ever since she was a child). As her sickness progressed into a diagnosis of breast cancer, a friend told her about whole foods and a healing center where she could learn more about them. Thus began a journey that put her on the road to recovery. Danny began waking up each morning with arthritic pain and stiffness that became so bad he d have to take a hot shower for an hour just to get his joints limber enough to go to work. His doctors said he was headed for a wheelchair. So Danny spent many weeks, reading book-after-book, until one day, he made a dramatic discovery and quickly became 95% pain-free. Jerrod was a Nascar race driver with a lovely wife and his whole life in front of him until a diagnosis of stage-4 melanoma threatened to take it all away. Then he remembered a crazy diet his aunt and uncle had done for their health ... and is now in the best physical shape of his entire life. Samuel is an international lawyer and human rights advocate whose career (and life) was nearly cut short with a diagnosis of massive bladder cancer. Now he continues to defy medical odds with a nutritional routine that contains mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. Living Food Cures is meant to encourage those who are facing some of the most common chronic diseases in our time. Would you like to see if this will work for you? "

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Author: Living Food Reporter,
Number of Pages: 170 pages
Published Date: 15 Jul 2009
Publisher: Bookspecs Publishing
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780972146128
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