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Juicing Recipes Bible : 50 of the Best Juicing Rec

Michael Chung,: Juicing Recipes Bible : 50 of the Best Juicing Recipes and Green Smoothie Recipes

Juicing Recipes Bible : 50 of the Best Juicing Recipes and Green Smoothie Recipes


Juicing Recipes Bible: 50 Of The Best Juicing Recipes and Green Smoothie Recipes Juicing recipes are often overlooked by millions of folks all over the world. Why? Well, primarily, it is because people do not see the importance of consuming juice recipes. But think about it- the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables stands at 6 servings per day! Do you get that much? I certainly don't! That's why I consume these delicious green smoothie recipes. The beauty of juicing is further enhanced when you consider all the goals you can achieve- whether it be to detox, lose weight, boost energy levels or improve health, these easy to make juicer recipes are all that you need to succeed. Included in this book are 50 easy to make juicing recipes, which can easily be made into delicious smoothie recipes by adding a bit of milk or adjusting the consistency. So why is this juicing bible important? Because when you're starting out you're confused. You don't know what to eat (drink in this case), so a simple pointer in the right direction can do wonders. Some of the delicious juice recipes included in this juicing bible include; Coriander Lime Juice Gazpacho Juice Lemon and Cabbage Juice Cucumber Kiwi Breakfast Juice Peach and Cinnamon Juice Citrus Delight Caribbean Juice Cantaloupe and Ginger Juice And many more! Remember- the main thing to do, whether you buy this book or not, is to TAKE ACTION! I know that you've started down the right road by looking at this book, and I know you will come closer to realizing your goals with "Juicing Recipes Bible: 50 Of The Best Juicing Recipes and Green Smoothie Recipes""

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Author: Michael Chung,
Number of Pages: 60 pages
Published Date: 31 Aug 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781492297284
Download Link: Click Here

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