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Raise Your Vibration with Nutrition and Fasting pd

Nogah Lord,Gali Nanar,Eran Elkayam,: Raise Your Vibration with Nutrition and Fasting

Raise Your Vibration with Nutrition and Fasting


Nogah, a professional dancer, began to experience altered states of consciousness while performing. Functioning in a different reality in an altered time frame, she began a lifelong study of attitudes and actions which increase personal energy. She offers basic insights into right nutrition, the benefits and obstacles of becoming a vegetarian, fasting for health, conscious breathing, relaxation exercises, and ten affirmations for perfect health. You can raise your vibration by: Eating less. Talking less. Sleeping less. Breathing more. Exercising more. Meditating more. Blessing everyone. Being absolutely truthful. Leting go of all resentments. ISBN: 978-0-931892-68-4 Endorsements "If attaining enlightenment and perfect health have been too complicated for you, check out this book. This compact powerhouse outlines no nonsense strategies - dos and don'ts - for increasing your energy and vibratory levels." Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal "The author, a professional dancer, experienced a revelation that the divine exists in everyone. Since then (1964) she has been engaged in a lifelong study of the attitudes and actions that promote personal energy and better health. Based entirely on insights Lord has gleaned from her own life, this volume offers advice on nutrition, the benefits and obstacles of becoming a vegetarian, fasting, conscious breathing, relaxation exercises, and more." Bookpaper

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Author: Nogah Lord,Gali Nanar,Eran Elkayam,
Number of Pages: 82 pages
Published Date: 03 Oct 2012
Publication Country: none
Language: English
ISBN: 9780931892684
Download Link: Click Here

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